MARMOT (Mala autorska radionica međuodnosa objektiva i tijela) is an artistic association founded in 2011 in Zagreb. Artistically directed by Irma Omerzo MARMOT produces dance pieces, films, actions and performances, dance research projects, as well as workshops and other educational programmes in Croatia and abroad where it represents Croatian independent artistic scene.
Meteo – 2012. dance performance
Technique – 2011. dance performance, with a guest perfomance in: Slovenia
Nothing – 2010. dance performance
All for 10 kunas – 2009. solo performance
Visit – 2009. dance performance
Third short programme – Trisolistice – 2008. dance performance and film, with a guest perfomance in: France, Belgium, Ciprus, Slovenia
Foto-plession – 2007. – photography and dance interdisciplinary performance
Short programme No.1 – 2006. – drawing, dance and music interdisciplinary performance, with a guest perfomance in: Austria
Euro vision – 2005. – dance performance, with a guest perfomance in: France, Slovenia
In our city – 2004. – dance film, internationally shown in: Greece, Italy, France (Special Award on Napolidanza film festival in Italy)
Let’s go on with movement – 2003. – dance research and educational project + documentary film about the research
Some strange kind – 2002. – performance + documentary film Why do I love dance?
Mi-Nous – 2001. – dance performance, with a guest perfomance in: France, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Portugal, USA.
All projects were supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sports.

Irma Omerzo, Draškovićeva 62, 10000 Zagreb
tel: ++385 98 746 009
fax: ++ 385 1 492 33 17